10 of the Best Skaters from Outside the USA

Think USA dominates the global skate scene? These 10 will make you think again

Aussie Dustin was known as much for his pure natural skate talent as he was for his hard partying lifestyle and raucous character.

Transworld Skateboarding wrote, “For the original demon spawn, infamy may well be an understatement. Having outlasted pretty much every other Pissdrunk at the bar, and without once slowing down on the skate front, Dustin’s rampage has been of biblical proportions since tearing into the scene back in ’97.” Props.

His Youtube channel pissdrunx4ever hosted his classic 7 Day Weekend series and featured guys like Mark Gonzales, Lee Ralph and Steve Olson. Still alive and still skating, Dollin’s pure talent and larger-than-life character means he made a mark on skateboarding in more ways than one.

Dustin Dollin Video:

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