10 of the Best Skaters from Outside the USA

Think USA dominates the global skate scene? These 10 will make you think again

At just thirteen years of age, the Colombian Gonzalez came to the attention of Flip skateboards at the Tampa Am contest.

Seeing the talent and potential that would make Gonzalez one of the most recognised names in skate, he has repaid their faith, still representing the company and with a few signature model decks to his name. In September 2012, Thrasher magazine featured Gonzalez in a profile and video, called ‘Possessed to Skate’, describing his “timeless transition skills” in “one of the best parts we’ve ever seen.”

‘Possessed to Skate’ was also it’s most popular clip of the year, further cementing González as one of today’s most high-profile skateboarders.

David Gonzalez Video:

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