10 Unbelievable Skateboard Tricks That Should Have Been Impossible

These look like moves from the Tony Hawk games

Skating at the highest level is all about pushing boundaries. Look at the Nyjah Hustons, Ryan Shecklers and P-Rods of this world – it’s insane what some of them can do.

But while the kind of technical wizardry they produce is hugely impressive, often the stuff that really makes you go “WTF?!?” is simpler, as these videos prove. How do these guys think of this stuff, let alone do it?

1) The Broken Board Grind

Shane O’Neill is just taking the piss here… how does he do that?

2) The Epic Hippy Jump

This kid must have the reactions of a cat.

3) The Roof Drop to Pool Step Slide

This whole video is awesome, but it’s the final trick, where Dane Burman lands 50-50 on the pool steps, that really makes your mouth hang open. He looks like he coulda landed it too!

4) The World’s Biggest Roof Drop

If you thought dropping into a swimming pool was ballsy, how about this? At least twice the size and on to solid concrete. Aaron ‘Jaws’ Homoki is officially insane…

5) The Ghost Ollie

This hippy jump would be impressive enough anyway, but it’s the way his board kicks up off the edge of the step to just the perfect height… as if a ghost had ollied it.

6) The Return of the Jedi

Rodney Mullen made a career out of inventing combos that defied the laws of physics. After a couple of quiet years he returned to the limelight with this post on Tony Hawk’s Instagram. How do you explain this unless it’s using the force?

7) The Mini-Ramp Manual Masterclass

Daewon Song shows why he’s the master with this mind-melting mini-ramp combo.

8) The Triple Kink Darkslide

A darkslide is hard enough on a normal rail, let alone a triple kink! Skip to 1.11 to watch it – it’s one hell of a tribute to Mr Song…

9) The Board Switcheroo

This awesome video part is full of crazy stuff. This one’s our favourite…

10) This Trick

We don’t even know what to call this. Mental. Just mental.

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