10 Pro-Snowboarders worth following on Instagram


If you’ve got a smartphone you’re probably one of the 100 million active Instagram users on the planet. The photo app available on IOS devices as well as Android is very popular and plenty of top riders share some life moments through the lens of their mobile, always with a filter of course. To make your life easier we’ve selected what we think are the top 10 snowboarders worth following on Instagram.

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Kazuhiro Kokubo – @kazukokubo

Home: Japan.

Date of Birth: 16.08.88

Followers on Instagram: 4,894

We like: his dog and all the sushi.



Xavier Delerue – @xavierdelerue

Home: France.

Date of Birth: 01.07.79

Followers on Instagram: 4,602

We like: the mind blowing landscapes!

xavierdelerue 1
xavierdelerue 2


Victor Delerue – @victordelerue

Home: France.

Date of Birth: 06.08.89

Followers on Instagram: 1,091

We like: his life looks full of fun!

victordelerue 1
victordelerue 2


Jake Blauvelt – @jake_blauvelt

Home: VT, USA.

Date of Birth: 22.08.86

Followers on Instagram: 8,241

We like: his simple life, nothing fancy or crazy with Jake.

jake_blauvelt 1
jake_blauvelt 2


Gulli Gudmundsson – @gulligudmundsson

Home: Iceland.

Date of Birth: 20.05.86

Followers on Instagram: 2,234

We like: his rock’n’roll attitude and his skateboarding skills.

gulligudmundsson 1
gulligudmundsson 2


Eero Ettala – @eeroettala

Home: Finland.

Date of Birth: 17.10.84

Followers on Instagram: 13,836

We like: his Finnish class.

eeroattala 2
eeroettala 1


Jamie Anderson – @jamieandersonsnow

Home: CA, USA.

Date of Birth: 13.09.90

Followers on Instagram: 9,526

We like: her yoga moves.

jamieandersonsnow 1
jamieandersonsnow 2


Halldor Helgason – @hhelgason

Home: Iceland.

Date of Birth: 10.01.91

Followers on Instagram: 20,189

We like: he’s living the dream and he shares it with you on Instagram!

hhelgason 1
hhelgason 2



Jeremy Jones – @jeremy___jones

Home: UT, USA.

Date of Birth: 02.01.76

Followers on Instagram: 11,885

We like: his motorbikes.

jeremy___jones 1
jeremy___jones 2


Kevin Backstrom – @kevinbackstrom

Home: Sweden.

Date of Birth: 16.07.92

Followers on Instagram: 17,841

We like: his attitude and all his female fans…

kevinbackstrom 1
kevinnackstrom 2



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