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10 Wicked Camper Vans That’ll Make Your Summer

These are so sick!


The campervan holds a special place in action sports culture, particularly for surfers. For most of us, it represents a golden ticket to far away destinations and the promise of adventure.

But for a special few it’s more than that – it’s a blank canvas just waiting to be redesigned and re-engineered. From rooftop terraces and swimming pools in the back, to secret compartments and million pound motorhomes, some people really go town on wacky and wonderful designs.

“From rooftop terraces and swimming pools in the back, to secret compartments and million pound motorhomes, some people really go town.”

Whether it’s an old skool VW, a homemade van or a luxurious home from home, cool designs are everywhere. Here are 10 of our favourites – if you owned any of these it’d be guaranteed to make your summer!

1) Matte Black VW


The classic VW Camper is recognised the world over, but dropping it down low and giving it a matte black finish makes it look totally rad in a totally new way. Bring me that horizon!

2) Go Anywhere, Do Anything


Need a van that’ll take you to those hard to reach places? This yellow beauty will deliver the goods!

The guy that owns it has designed and built his own custom camper which is pretty rad in itself.

What started out as a standard American van has now been kitted out with a kitchen, a sleeping canopy and some monster tyres. Add in the mountain bike racks on the back and this machine is ready to take you anywhere!

3) Fancy a Dip?


Have you ever been travelling in a campervan and thought to yourself “I really wish I had a swimming pool on hand, so I could cool off?” No?

Well this brainiac obviously decided that a mobile swimming pool was a worthy investment and hey presto, this is the result.

It looks good on paper, but I’m not so sure how good the water retention would be driving round the M25. And filling up must be tedious.

4) James Bond’s Camper Van

Photo: Daily Mail

OK, so we know James Bond wouldn’t drive a campervan, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this VW Transporter has a secret compartment that pops out the back at the press of a button!

It’s huge inside, so there’s plenty of room to stash away your surfboards and also get a decent night’s kip in proper comfort.

5) VW Limo


There were a few VW limos floating about online, but this is by far my favourite. I’m thinking stag party to Dublin? Epic surf trip with your mates to Cornwall?

It’s like the narrow boat of the roads, but slightly more manoeuvrable. And definitely easier on the eye than those monstrous Pink Hummer limos you see around school-leaving time. Red and black always looks cool, doesn’t it?

6) The Camper-Trike


If Hell’s Angels wanted to trade their bikes in for a motorhome, this is what they’d ride. Part chopper, part house-on-wheels, this ‘camper-trike’ would be sure to turn heads as it bombed down the highway.

And don’t think for a second they’ve skimped on comfort – check out the sofa for a seat! Saying that, I’d still hate to be driving this thing in the rain (though I suppose you could always pull over and take a nap til the storm passed…)

7) Million-Pound Luxury Home


If you’ve got a spare £1.2 million floating around and you want a bit of luxury when you travel then you’ll probably want to take a look at this creation.

Rolling in at 40-foot-long there’s not much this palatial motorhome doesn’t have. Everything from surround sound, leather sofas and real wooden flooring to an inbuilt garage for that extra car you probably own as well.

8) The Rooftop Terrace Van


This thing might look a bit old skool (it is an old school bus after all – badum tish!) but what could make a campervan more complete than having a roof top terrace for those sunset BBQs?

Even better, rock up at any surf competition and you’re sure to have the best view of all the action.

9) Peace and Love, Man


When you think campervans, the Swinging 60’s immediately comes to mind.

The VW Westfalia is the quintessential hippy camper and they’re still rattling around today. To be truly groovy though, you need a banging paint job like the one above, man.

10) Proud to be European


Travelling round Europe and want to show your allegiance in every country you visit? Yep, this is the anti Nigel Farage bus.

Doing your camper up with a Euro-friendly paint job will help you make pals wherever you go. But the best feature of this van? Clearly the Great British fluffy dice in the window, nice touch.

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