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11 Wacky Bike Accessories That’ll Make You Laugh

Some of these are so weird!


When Xzibit used to pimp out cars on international television, he and his West Coast Customs crew would chuck in some outrageous accessories. They usually fell into three categories: a) pointless b) light up or c) stupid.

From skate rails and mixing decks popping out the ‘trunk’, to the 6-disc CD changer (the late 90’s stereo system of choice) in the front, the cars always provided a wealth of opportunities for accessorising.

“If you want to accessorise your bike, you often need to think outside the box.”

Bicycles though are a different kettle of fish. The lack of space (not to mention weight issues) means that designers are very much limited in what they can do.

No West Coast Customs pimpage here. If you want to accessorise your bike, you often need to think outside the box. Which is exactly what these guys have done, with varying degrees of success…

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