You don’t surf but you love watching surf videos and photos, do you? Well maybe it’s time to think about jumping in the water and start surfing. That’s why we give you 23 reasons to start surfing and if you’re not convinced after that, there is nothing we can do for you… BOO-YEAH!


1- It’s Cool.

2-It’s good for you.

3- It can help you get laid because of the “good looking-surfer” myth.

4- You can wear a swimsuit and have as much fun as in the video below:

5- You can become fit.

6- You can enjoy nature.

7- You can use wax somewhere else than on your legs.

8-You can meet Alana Blanchard in the water.

9-Or a mermaid.

10-You can live in boardshorts and flip-flops only.

11- You can go to the beach more often.

12-Because Cameron Diaz can surf.

13- Because Metallica can surf.

14- You like to listen to the beach Boys.

15- Because it’s cheap. You just need a board, not even boardshorts!

16- Because you love to be alone.

17- You want people to think you are living many adventures.

18- You like the ocean and the taste of salt.

19- You want more impressive scars on your body.

20- You can do it with your partner.

21- Even with your dog.

22- You want to experience flying (only if you’re good enough).

23- Because YOLO.

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