5 Top UK Indoor Skateparks For When The Weather Gets Nasty

Has your local indoor shred spot made the list?

Located halfway between Manchester and Liverpool, Ramp 1 is a pretty easy journey for city-dwellers and locals alike. It caters for everyone with some awesome features, including a 165ft long plaza section and 112ft bowl.

The simple beginner section boasts a ton of features to jib on and gain confidence before moving onto bigger stuff…

….including the pro-standard rhythm section, perfect for getting some huge airtime and stomping landings. If that’s a bit much then you can get some Bob-Burnquist style air on the airbag.

A 2.5 hour session here will only set you back between £6.50 on a weekday and £8.50 on a weekend. So it’s not bad value for money, considering the huge variety of obstacles to ride.

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