5 Ways How Skateboarding Can Get You Arrested

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‘Skateboarding is not a crime!’ We’ve all seen that famous slogan thrown around on t-shirts and spray painted on many, many walls and it’s a sentiment we all share and know but can you actually get arrested for skateboarding? Ummm, kind of.

Below are 5 reasons why you might get collared by the local bill. You might have seen them in a few skate videos or you may just hear about it, and there might be a load more that we miss, but we reckon these are the top 5.

1. Breaking and entering
5 Reasons Why Skateboarding Will Get You Arrested
This one is a bit of a no brainer! If you break in somewhere to skate and get caught then you’re going to be put in handcuffs. Which leads me onto number 2…

2. Trespassing
5 Reasons Why Skateboarding Will Get You Arrested
Number 1 and number 2 can sometimes go hand in hand. If you’ve done number 1 then you’ve inevitably done number 2. Far from making this sound like some sort of prostitution Blind Date, trespassing can be a bit of a serious crime if it’s not a derelict building. They might just tell you to piss off but more than likely you’ll be staring the back of an officer’s head as he drives you to the lock-up.

3. Property damage
Property Damage
If you ride anything for long enough it might succumb to wear and tear and that’s applicable to property you ride on, such as rails, ramps, etc. You might fall off a ledge and end up head first into a glass door and smash it. Even waxing something can be classed as property damage as it can melt and stain whatever you’re waxing.

4. Assault
Skate fight
I don’t know any skater out there that hasn’t watched a video of a skate fight. There’s been skaters fighting skaters, skaters fighting scooter kids, skaters fighting police officers and, more recently, a skater fighting a janitor (in the States). There’s a lot of bravado and attitude with some skaters so punching someone in the face might end your skate day pretty quickly.

5. That infamous ‘No skateboarding sign’
No Skateboarding
We’ve all seen that sign and we all hate it. Some skaters don’t even pay attention to it but it’s the easiest way to get arrested.

In no way am I saying that if you are a complete kiss-ass and do everything by the book then you’ll be the best skater in the world. Some of the best edits have an element of illegal activity and wrongdoing. I’m also not saying that you should break the law to create an edit that’s amazing or it will give you the best skate day you’ll ever have. I think what I’m saying is this – Have fun and don’t get arrested.

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