5 Ways To Shred During The Summer

5 ways to shred during the summer

Ahhhh the summer. It’s a bastard sometimes isn’t it! If you’re a Brit and you like the sun, you probably won’t get much of it. If you’re a snowboarder or skier and you love the snow, the Summer is probably your main foe! But there are ways around it! There are at least 5 ways, that we can think of, to make sure that you get your fix during the warm summer months.

1. Do a season in the other hemisphere

When the tepid summer evenings in Europe just aren’t doing it for you and aren’t keeping the snow you’ve got left cold, then heading to that ‘other’ hemisphere for a season, or even just some shred, is the safest bet. There’s guaranteed to be some good snow no matter what happens. The only problem is that it could be a bit pricey but with a picture like the one below showing you what’s on offer, I think we’d all delve a little deeper.

Head to New Zealand

2. Snowdomes

When the world cried out for a place to shred in an environment that wasn’t made to hold snow, we praise the person who invented the snowdome. It’s a snow-filled haven inside a big building that would normally resemble a big grey box and it’s pretty much always ready for a shred. Downsides are that it’s a fairly limited area and there aren’t many of them out there.

Shred a snowdome

3. Dryslopes

While all the money was pouring into the idea of snowdomwes, the dryslope world was treated like the ignored stepchild from your second marriage. You try to love it but it’s not as good as the others is it? Well forget it! With Sheffield being more of a bonfire than a dryslope these days there’s still some incredible dryslope centres out there some that have taken on Snowflex rather than the usual Dendix. It’s an easy way to ride all day long but the hot weather might want you to wear less clothing. This means you might get some pretty bad friction burns. But it’s a sacrifice we all love to make.

Head to your local dryslope

4. Build a backyard jib playground

This might not make sense to you as the severe lack of snow on a very sunny day would be a huge downer on your aspirations of shredding but this is an idea you shouldn’t throw away. The guys from LINE Traveling Circus are Kings at creativity and they’ll show you that all you need is an idea, some tools and a whole lot energy. You might need a lot of carpet and a lot of water though.
Click the photo below to watch the edit of them killing it.

Backyard jibbing

5. Make your own snow

If you can’t afford to go to New Zealand, hit the snowdome or dryslope and you can’t create your own backyard jib then this is your last resort. It’s probably the least advisable way to get your shred on but it’s not the worst option in the world. You can go out and rent a snow cannon or spent weeks in an industrial freezer chipping away at blocks of ice frozen to the walls with a blunt knife. Alternatively you could buy something like SnowGel but even then you’re pretty much making expensive slush.

Make your own snow!

A secret number 6. Just go and shred your local field.

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