7 BMX Tracks, Trails & Parks You Should Ride Before You Die

These tracks are another level of gnarly

Photo: Red Bull

The Mellow Park in Berlin is probably one of the sickest places in the world.

Easily one of the biggest parks in Europe, it has 60,000 sq. m of terrain to play with. This includes the mammoth world-class race track (above), which hosted the Red Bull R.Evolution last year plus this year’s Supercross World Cup.

BMX riders flock here from the world over to rip up the skatepark, halfpipe, pump tracks, wallrides, mini ramps… and dirt jumps. You name it, Mellow Park has got it.

Plus it’s got wooden cabins on site that you can stay in. So you can ride all day, sleep, then do it all over again.

Check out how the race track rides below…

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