7 Edits From The Past 7 Days That Knock It Out The Park

Floating halfpipes, drones and the return of Terje!

It’s not secret that Bob Burnquist is a ramp pervert. His backgarden is awash with them and he’s single handedly made the mega-ramp seem not especially mega with his repeated dominance of it. This time he’s gone one further with a ramp that floats.

While it’s not quite X-Games size it’s still a mini pipe that floats in the middle of Lake Tahoe, California, which is enough for us quite frankly. The project is part of a campaign by the Californian tourist authorities and further reinforces that the America’s most populous state is a pretty cool place. They are yet to respond to our queries as to whether a floating mini-ramp is included as part of the all-inclusive packages on offer.

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