8 Best Surf Universities In The World

Because life isn't all about how many hours you clocked in the library...

I’m going to a surf university. It’s kind of like saying you studied at the University of Life. Except these places really do exist.

Some teach surf science as a degree, while others have campuses that literally overlook perfect peeling left-handers. We saw this rad post on European surf universities from our pals at Surf Europe and thought, why not expand it to the whole world?

When I chose my university, I picked the one with surfers on the brochure cover. It was the best decision I ever made. Combining the beach lifestyle with studying is what it’s all about.

So when you’re sick of being cooped up in the library for the ninth consecutive hour, there’s something more entertaining to do than: a) make another trip to the vending machine and b) go home and watch TV.

These universities are based just a few miles from the best breaks in the world. So you’re biggest dilemma won’t be how you’re going to keep off the Fresher Fifteen, it’ll be how legit is it to use “… but it was a perfect 3ft onshore!” as an excuse to skip class…

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