The 8 Certain Ways to Save on Your Next Ski Holiday

Follow the code, and you'll be making your money go further

Help! I need some food at the top of the mountain (and I have no money)

Eating on the mountain will cost you. While some restaurants offer top notch grub worthy of an expensive price tag others will leave not just a bad taste in your mouth but a hole in your pocket too.

Probably not as appetizing as what they have at the top of the mountain, but when you’re serious about saving your pounds…

Preparing a packed lunch will save you a fortune and also allow you the flexibility to picnic on some of the best spots on the mountain. Don’t be afraid to be cheeky either; if you have booked a half board package you can take advantage of those cheese and meat heavy breakfast buffets and make up a couple of sarnies fit for a king.

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