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Hackers Have Created A Program That Makes Skateboarders Slam Headfirst Into The Floor

'This thing can cause some serious damage' : Controversial hacking program could end badly for skaters


This Epic Natural Waterslide Carved In Rock Will Make You Change Your Holiday Plans

Further evidence that Canada may just be the greatest country on Earth...


World’s Greatest Freediver Feared Dead After Mysteriously Disappearing in Spain

Natalia Molchanova is missing, presumed dead after disappearing on August 2nd


This Guy Just Shot This Stunning Slow-Motion Ocean Film... Completely On His Smart Phone

So why did our iPhone stop working when we dropped it in the toilet?

Photo: YouTube / Lexus

Lexus Have Just Dropped Footage of Their Genuine Hoverboard. You Need To See This...

Will the science behind this floating deck mean we'll all be hover-skating by the end of the year?


This Is What Happens When Art, Skateboarding, And Travel Combine

Meet BB Bastidas: the californian skater lighting up london with his original street art


'Your Mind Turns Shadows Into Demons': Mick Fanning On THAT Shark Attack... And How The Aftermath Has Changed His Life

In a candid video interview the Aussie surfer reveals the surprising effect the viral event had on him

Photo - Randal Olson / Google Earth

This is The Greatest American Road Trip Ever… According to Scienctists

Scrap everything you thought you knew, these guys just used an algorithm to work out the REAL ultimate road trip

Photo: Dan Pauly / The Rustic Way

This Craftsman Makes The Ultimate Fairytale Cabins... And He Can Make You One Too

Cabin porn gets a Dali-esque makeover at the hands of artisan craftsman Dan Pauly

Photo: YouTube
Road Cycling

'I'll F*cking Kill you!': Watch This Driver Get The Perfect Payback After Threatening A Cyclist?

This viral road-side bust-up has had almost 3 million views in four days... and counting

Photo montage: iStock/Mpora

Fancy A Road Trip From The UK To The USA, Without Ever Leaving Your Car?

This massive bridge may mean the ultimate road trip is one step closer...

Tool-Logic-SL-Pro Survival Knife

10 of the Best Survival Knives for Outdoor Adventures

A selection of the best blades for outdoor survival

Amazing Animals

Texan Man Is Hospitalised... After Being Shot in The Face By An Armadillo

Statistics prove that Armadillo gun crime is on the rise


Fancy A Change Of Career? UK Skater Andy Willis Shows What It Takes To Turn Your Passion Into Your Job

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Mountain Biking

Why Is This Super Slow-Mo Mountain Bike Edit Dividing The Internet?

This Crankworx edit features the worlds best slopestyle riders, including Brandon Semenuk and Brett Rheeder, so why's it so controversial?


Is This The Best Looking Trailer For A Surf Film Ever?

It’s easy to see why John John Florence's new movie teaser has got the internet frothing...

Photo: 60 Minutes / YouTube

You Thought Mick Fanning Was Cool for Punching that Shark? He's Just Given A Stranger $75,000

And the reason why will warm your heart...

Will-Olson Mountain Bike death
Mountain Biking

Tragedy in Colorado: Mountain Biker Killed at Enduro World Series in Crested Butte

Local man Will Olson died following a 'freak accident'


Robbie Maddison Has Just 'Surfed' One Of The Deadliest Waves In The World... On His Motorbike

See why this video has had 4million views in just 10 hours

Photo: The North Face

What's The Best Way to Go Camping? Our Expert Examines the Options... And Tells You What Not to Do

Hilarious tales from the field

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