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Conquering The Useless

“I Don’t Wanna Die“ - Epic Film Trailer From The Skier Who Broke The Internet In 2014.

The man who skied THAT line is back...with a brand new film.

zebra hippo
Amazing Animals

Watch: Hippo-Shaped Superhero Saves A Young Zebra From Drowning

Here's how a humble hippopotamus won the heart of the human race...


10 Inspirational Oldies Who Prove That Age Is Only A Number

Sponsored post: He conquered Mount Everest... When he was 80 years old?!

BASE Jumping Rusty Zip Line
Wings And Chutes

Holy Sh*t! Here's What Happens When You Add A Rusty Zipline Into Your BASE Jump

This might just be the sketchiest BASE Jump we've ever seen...

Kayakers California Hammer Head Sharks

Watch Californian Kayakers Keep Their Cool While Getting Circled By A Hammerhead Shark

"It's Hammer Time!" says MC Hammer, while watching this video at home.

Road Cycling

Karma? Van Driver Calls Cyclist A “Fu**ing *P**ck“... And Immediately Regrets It

Here's what happens when you're too busy shouting at cyclists to watch the road...

Barack Obama Bear Grylls

Is Bear Grylls About To Make Barack Obama Eat A Rat Soaked In Urine?

The White House says "Yes we can" to appearance on Bear Grylls infamous TV show.

Road Cycling

Watch: Peter Sagan Fined For This Reaction After Vuelta Motorbike Gives Him 2nd-Degree Burns

Imagine being hit by a motorbike... and then getting fined for being angry about it

North Korea Photographs

These Haunting Photos Of North Korea’s Capital Are Genuinely Eye-Opening

A French photographer went to Pyongyang and what she saw there will amaze you.


Watch: Drone Captures Old Man Sunbathing On 200ft High Wind Turbine... Seriosuly

Just a viral video of a sleepy dude in his boxer shorts on top of a windmill...

Mountain Biking

Watch: Mountain Bikers Drop Through A Giant Black Hole In The Earth

Journey to the centre of... well, somewhere

Amazing Animals

Watch: Horrifying Video Shows How Easily A Rat Can Crawl Up Your toilet

Here's a video that definitely will not help you sleep at night...

James Woods Slopestyle World Cup

Britain's James Woods Just Won The Slopestyle World Cup With This Hammer Run

Bravo Woodsy! Bravo! Team GB! Team GB!

Photo: iStock
Amazing Animals

Rattlesnake Selfie! This Idiot Found Out Why Taking A Selfie With A Venomous Snake Is A Stupid Thing To Do

$153,000 medical bill for the man who thought taking a snake selfie was a good idea

Red Hot Nickel Ball Nokia Fire Burning Stuff Video Melting Phones

Here’s What Happens When A Red Hot Ball Of Metal Meets A Mobile Phone

This is one way to stop an annoying Nokia ring tone...


Are You Getting Out Enough? This Hilarious Parody Rips The P*ss Out Of Modern Life

This spoof drugs advert nails why being outdoors is so good for you


What Do Pro Skaters Really Think of The New Tony Hawk Game?

Is it just the iInternet that hates THPS5?

The Indestructibles G Shock Casio Dave Factory Media In Line Skating

In-Line Skaters From Essex Build The World’s Most Unspectacular Skate Park In Their Back Garden

Sponsored feature: The only way is Essex?...On second thoughts, maybe not.

Multi Sport

The 5 Most Incredible Journeys You've Never Heard Of

Sponsored feature: This lot make your commute to work look like a walk in the park.


Watch: Gelande Quaff Is the Best Snow Sports Drinking Game You've Never Even Heard Of

A 30 year drinking game has returned to take the world of skiing by storm...

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