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ant vid
Amazing Animals

Here's Why Ants Will Always Walk In A Perfect Circle Around A Ringing iPhone

Because science: this is one of the strangest things we've seen in a long time...

Crazy Russians

10 Viral Videos That Prove Russia Is The Craziest Place On Earth

Proof, if proof was needed, that Russians are the world's craziest nationality.

The Cosmos

NASA Are Legit Using Hoverboards To Make A Real Life Tractor Beam. Here's Why..

This could be one skate for man, but one giant leap for mankind

dam line
Mountain Biking

Here's What Happened When A Mental Mountain Biker Took On A Dam

There was only ever one way this was going to end...

Road Cycling

Chris Froome Breaks Bones After Vuelta a Espana Crash... But Finishes Stage Anyway

Broken bones and broken dreams for the hard-as-hell Team Sky man...

Amazing Animals

Watch: These Guys Jumped In The Water With Hungry Sharks During A Feeding Frenzy

Would you get up close and dangerous with Great Whites and Tiger Sharks?

Condom Survival

Safe Sex And Survival! 10 Ridiculous Ways You Can Use A Condom In The Wild

Compass? Check. Map? Check. Tent? Check. Magnum XL Condoms?...Check.

Mountain Biking

Watch: Pros Ride Absurd Track Ahead of Biggest Downhill Mountain Bike Race of 2015

Watch Claudio, Cedric Gracia & Loic Bruni guide you through the madness...

drone copter
Wings And Chutes

This Eccentric British Inventor Just Made A Flying Machine Out Of Drones

Is this 50 drone chopper the future of travel? ...No. No it's not

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 12.56.06
Mountain Biking

12 Mistakes Every Beginner Mountain Biker Makes

If you're into mountain biking, you'll have been guilty of these once upon a time...


Watch: This Hilarious Parody Shows How Getting Outdoors Could Stop You Murdering Someone

A video advert for a brand new 'drug' that's genuinely hilarious

Mountain Biking

The Course For The MTB World Champs This Weekend Looks Absolutely Bonkers...

If this footage is anything to go by, it's going to be a wild weekend in Vallnord...

Downhill Office Chair

10 Sketchy-As-Hell Ways To Get To The Bottom Of A Hill

Sponsored post: office chair, shopping trolley, unicycle...the possibilities are endless.


Winter is Coming: This Snowboard Edit Is Jam-packed With Brutal Bails And Mental Makes

If this doesn't ignite your stoke for snow, you may be broken...

hoff fest
Mountain Biking

Must Watch: This Mental Trail Leads To The Scariest MTB Dirt Jumps You've Ever Seen

FEST series just delivered a set of dirt jumps that'll give you nightmares...

tobi wrobel
Mountain Biking

Here’s the Mental Italian Mountain Bike Trail Made Out Of Castles

This stunning drone and GoPro footage has got us foaming at the mouth...

Photo: Steen Kelsa / Flickr

10 of the Best Cities in the World for Skateboarding

Sponsored feature: These are the towns every self-respecting skater should visit at least once

Conquering The Useless

“I Don’t Wanna Die“ - Epic Film Trailer From The Skier Who Broke The Internet In 2014.

The man who skied THAT line is back...with a brand new film.

zebra hippo
Amazing Animals

Watch: Hippo-Shaped Superhero Saves A Young Zebra From Drowning

Here's how a humble hippopotamus won the heart of the human race...


10 Inspirational Oldies Who Prove That Age Is Only A Number

Sponsored post: He conquered Mount Everest... When he was 80 years old?!

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