A Backpack That’s Also A Skateboard?! You Won’t Believe How It Works…

Would you be seen dead on one of these fold-away skateboards?


Are you one of those people that are sick of walking? You know, the mundane trudge of one foot after the other. Gah! It’s just too hard!

You need to get from one place to another but you find walking just too, well, too pedestrian?  Then Movpak may be the answer.

The Movpak (which kind of sounds like the cream your gran rubs on her lumbago) is a motorised skateboard that folds away in to a handy backpack.

“The Movpak sounds like the cream your gran rubs on her lumbago”

It can travel at up to 15mph, and lasts up to two hours on a full battery, so if we’ve got the maths right, should get you about 30 miles.

So the Movpak is the future of commuting, right? Well, we’re not so sure.

Weighing in at just over 7kg, it’s about the same as a regular backpack with a laptop and maybe a few books in. But when you then add your laptop,  few books, and your ham & cheese sandwiches in it, you’re doubling the weight.

movpak gun

Another issue is the control. We’ve only got the promotional video to go by, but it appears that the Movpak motor is activated by a handheld device that looks worryingly like a gun or taser.

Given the world we live in today, we think a redesign may be required before Movpak hits the streets.

The negative overshadowing all others, though, is that this is a product designed for people that want to skate to work. But surely these people are already catered for.

Assuming they already have a skateboard and a backpack, they’ve already got all they need, so we don’t see where Movpak fits in to this market.

Furthermore it looks like it’s a little too skate kid for the city boys, and a little too city boy for the skate kids.

The people behind Movpak are planning on crowd sourcing funding for their product soon. So if you want in on the ground floor, you have the chance to do so.

It’ll be interesting to see if this gets off the ground and, if so, where people will push it. What we do know, though, is that we cant wait to see the first smith grind on one.

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