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8 Action Sports That Deserved to Die

We're glad these short-lived fads are gone!

Everything about this picture is wrong. Photo: Susan Hooper/

Some action sports are constant. Eternal, even. Take surfing for example. While we still have oceans and the oceans have waves, people will surf.

Skateboarding doesn’t even need the ocean, it’s going nowhere. Board shapes and sizes may change, but skating is here to stay. Other action sports though, are a little less permanent.

Of course, nobody wants to think of their sport (or “lifestyle” if you must) as a mere flash in the pan, but history suggests that action sport trends tend to come and go.

And we can be a fickle lot when something drops out of favour.

“Do you know anyone who’d admit to still doing any of these?”

Here we explore some of dead “sports” that, just like the hula-hoop, have been consigned to the bin marked fad.

OK so there are probably a few die-hard holdouts, but do you know anyone who’d admit to still doing any of these?

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