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trail building in british columbia, four minute video shows 30-day build
Mountain Biking

Here’s 30-Days of Mountain Bike Trail Building in One Glorious Four Minute Timelapse

Wanna get dirrty, it's about time that I came to start the party, sweat dripping over my body...

Amazing Animals

Watch This Great White Photobomb Another Shark In The Most Perfect Way

Who says sharks don't have a sense of humour?

Jack Johnson Credit: Kanaka Menehune

Would You Rather Be A Surfer Or A Rock Star? These Lucky B*stards Get To Do Both!

10 Musicians With A Serious Addiction...To Surfing

Photo: YouTube

Watch The Insanely Creative Skate Edit Packed With Tricks That Shouldn't Be Possible

We're still trying to work out what just happened in this two minutes of crazy skating

Road Cycling

20-Bike Tour de France Pile Up Leaves Leader Riding 55km To Finish Line... With A Broken Back‏‏

Here's why you should never make fun of a road cyclist for wearing lycra...

Wings And Chutes

Watch The Insane Moment A Snowmobile Launches Itself From The Side Of A Mountain...And Flies

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?’s a customised-flying-snowmobile-machine!

Photo: GoPro

GoPro Just Released A New Ultra-Light, Ultra-Small Action Camera... And The Internet Is Going Mad‏

Meet the tiny waterproof cube which is probably going to be on your Christmas list...


This Snowboarder Has Just Nailed A Rail The Length Of Nine Double Decker Buses…

Basti Rittig just set a new world record with this monster 84 metre rail slide

Mountain Biking

Car and Mountain Biker Collide In Latest Crash Footage to Cause Internet Storm

Another video, another debate... Who do you think is at fault for this road accident?

Amazing Animals

“F*ck That Alligator“: Texan Man Ignores Warnings And Gets Killed By An 11-Foot Reptile

“I asked him please do not go swimming, there’s a bigger alligator out here..."


This Weird Japanese Death Metal Band Really Want You To Visit The Land Of The Rising Sun

Oh Japan you strange little land of weird brilliance: what the heck is this?

Credit: iStock/PhotoZidaric
Extreme Weather

How Best To Survive A Lightning Strike If You’re Up A Mountain Or In The Sea

Essential survival tips if you find yourself exposed to the elements


One Of The World’s Biggest Snowboard Icons Is Recovering After Suffering A Rare And Life Threatening Nerve Disorder

Jake Burton-Carpenter proves that it's impossible to keep a good man down


Bails, Rails and Automobiles: Here's What Happened When These Crazy BMXers Took on Philadelphia

Mutiny Bikes stunning edit dedicated to police officer Seth Stellfox...


U.S Authorities Just Made The Most Hilariously Creepy Firework Safety Video Of All Time

Watch mannequins get blown to bits in this ridiculous health and safety demo...


Nitro Circus Have Just Survived Their Most 'Painful' Stunt Ever

Travis Pastrana's pals had to sign a waiver incase this latest challenge killed them...

Mountain Biking

This Mountain Bike Legend Just Dropped a No-Frills, Super-Aggressive Edit Which is Making Us Scream‏

Here's the super-raw Andreu Lacondeguy edit for all you two-wheeled purists...

Credit: Victoria Siemer

Help! There’s A Surfer In My Tea. This Digital Art Will Change The Way You Look At Hot Drinks

Forget Crap Latte Art, This Stuff Will Blow Your Mind

Amazing Animals

Insides-Out: This British Artist’s Illustrations Show You Animals In A Whole New Way

These wouldn't look out of place on a hipster's sweatshirt.

bmx 1

Death Wish Bike Riding: This Badass BMX Edit is the Craziest Thing You’ll See This Week

Here's Glenn Salyers taking on some drops big enough to make the rest of us cry...

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