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Road Cycling

Nudity, Diarrhoea And Dogs Dressed As Cyclists: These Crazy Moments Made The Tour De France Worth Watching!

The craziest moments that you probably missed!

drowning in the sea RNLI

167 People Died At the Seaside Last Year, But The Biggest Killer Was One You'd Never Expect...

New study shows that action sports aren't the biggest coastal killer

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Multi Sport

6 Unbelievable Bike Sports That Will Make You Question Humanity

You won't believe what some people do with their bikes...

Boy Jumps Into Pool

Crazy Kid Jumps Off A Five Storey Building Into A Swimming Pool

Kelly ready to take on the US Open back in 2012. Photo: Bahn/Surfline

Kelly Slater Pulls Out Of US Open Of Surfing 2014

Eleven time ASP World Tour Champion makes an unexpected exit from comp citing injury

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series took place last weekend - with guys jumping from a 27 metre platform. Photo: Romina Amato/Red Bull Cliff Diving

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series: The Biggest Amateur Wins And Fails

Watch the best and the worst amateur copycats give it a go...

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 14.13.50

Is This The Strangest Mountain Bike Film Ever?

Ed Oxley returns with what must be one of the weirdest MTB films of all time...


What's More Dangerous Than BASE Jumping? Cows And Champagne Corks, Apparently!

You're twice as likely to die under a falling vending machine than BASE jumping

Road Cycling

This Scottish Store Owner Saved Team Malawi From Commonwealth Cycling Disaster!!

The Malawian cyclists would have struggled big time if it wasn't for this independent bike shop...


The Worst Longboarding Crashes Ever!

Four minutes of pure four-wheeled carnage

brett rheeder

5 Reasons The Colorado Freeride Festival Was Absolutely Awesome!

Slopestyle goodness and Enduro drama from Colorado...

Andrew Cotton getting barrelled. Photo: Tim Nunn

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Proud To Be A British Surfer

We don't get put off by a bit of ice floating on the surface

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