This Back Garden Set Up Is Absolutely Insane! Is This BMX Paradise?!

In Escondido, California, BMX rider Shawn Shimkets has set up this sick dirt track behind his house. This is unbelievable...

A house, a pool and a some ridiculous dirt trails in the back garden – is this what heaven looks on a BMX?

The paradise belongs to Californian rider Shawn Shimkets, and while there have been a few videos of his back garden set up in recent times – you can check out a pretty sweet edit here – this is the first time it’s been captured full on from the sky. Fair to say it looks even sicker from above.

The set up took Shawn and his mates over a year to build, but it definitely looks like time well spent to us. Would this be your BMX paradise though? Let us know what you think!

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