10 Brands That Have Defined Skateboarding

Skateboarding has progressed thanks to the companies that push it forward

Photo: Tyler Bledsoe/Sole Technology Press Office

Since skateboarding’s popularity boom in the mid 70’s there has been a demand for skate product. Several skate brands started up and some grew to be very popular, heavily influenced the world of skateboarding and become iconic.

These iconic skate brands sold original, well designed skate products, had innovative ideas that changed the skate industry and most importantly had very talented, influential skate teams.Now, their iconic brand logos are now instantly recognisable and have captured the imaginations of skaters worldwide.

Skateboarding’s a multi-billion dollar industry and there are thousands of skate brands all over the world, have a look at our list of the ten top skate brands that define skateboarding and help to shape what it is today.

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