Brothers In Arms… or Action Sports

‘Keeping it in the family’ is a phrase uttered all over the world and for many reasons but it hasn’t been said that many times when it comes to action sports.

If you weren’t lucky enough to read our previous post about the BEST HEADCAM VIDEOS EVER then you should probably go and do that now. We were chatting about the one thing that Alana Blanchard, Candide Thovex and Call of Duty have in common – headcams. And it seems that that’s not the only thing that Call of Duty has in common with our sports.

If you’re privy to any information about Call of Duty: Ghosts you’ll be aware that the main character you control has his brother in his team and you make decisions that will ultimately conclude in his life or death. We don’t like to be so serious in action sports but it did make us think about the family ties we have.

There are a fair few brothers in the system but who are they? Well, here’s a list of the best brothers in the business.

1. Bob Soven and Phil Soven

These two wakeboarding brothers have been on the water since they were little. They’re at the top of their game and even scored their own show on MTV called ‘Wake Brothers’. I’m pretty sure it’s been cancelled though…

2. Dan Atherton and Gee Atherton

Infamous in the MTB world, the Athertons have been the benchmark of mountain biking talent for a while. Luckily enough they don’t race in the same discipline so there’s no sibling rivalry.

3. Eiki Helgason and Halldor Helgason

When they both first hit the scene they were the two crazy, Scandi brothers who were amazing at snowboarding. Halldor has recently won snowboarder of the year and his part from Nike’s ‘Never Not’, where he backflips a huge gap between two shops with a neck brace, is already one of the most popular parts of the year.

4. Jossi Wells, Byron Wells, Jackson Wells and Beau-James Wells

Is this the biggest brother line-up in action sports history? All four of the Wells brothers are sponsored skiers and it seems that they’re planning world dominance. After the whole family appeared in their own documentary about the family (called Winter of Wells: The Documentary), it seems that nothing can stop them.

5. Kye Forte, Leo Forte and Toby Forte

With three brothers competing in the same events (this happens more often than you think) it sometimes gets a bit heated! On another note, Leo made the cover of Ride UK BMX after shooting some tricks in his local Tesco! Not something you see every day!

6. John Jackson and Eric Jackson

One has dreads and the other one normally has a massive beard, so it appears that this is one hairy family! Similar to a lot of the brothers in this post, the Jackson 2 also had their own series called ‘Brothers on the run’.

7. Mike Alessi and Jeff Alessi

This double team have been in motocross for a while and they’re widely known throughout the sport for both good and bad reasons. Proving that Mike is one tough man, he crashed his bike, broke his kneecap, had it pinned back together then came back riding in two weeks! Need we say more?

The inspiration for this article came from having your brother in the new Call of Duty: Ghosts game and the multiplayer video looks pretty insane! Check it out below.

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