10 Cold Water Surfing Paradises

Surfing isn't all about basking in the sun - you can do it wherever there's swell, so long as you have a good wetsuit

The Endless Summer is over, and with wetsuit technology just getting better year by year, boundaries of where you can surf are getting pushed so far that everywhere is fair game.

What’s more, cold water surfers and communities of surfers are springing up all over the globe, from Iceland to Norway, Nova Scotia to Russia there are hardy souls out there prepared to plunge themselves into freezing cold water to get that next perfect swell.

These are not madmen though, these are dedicated individuals, some have to surf in the cold out of necessity, some choose to do it to get away from increasing crowds and find some solitude, but all are driven by the next wave.

So here are 10 cold water surf paradises, that you may or may not know existed.

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