10 Cold Water Surfing Paradises

Surfing isn't all about basking in the sun - you can do it wherever there's swell, so long as you have a good wetsuit

The Yakutat Peninsula in Alaska is a seemingly unlikely place to find epic waves, but this isolated outpost is the most consistent place to surf in the USA’s most Northern State. Alaska, like the other cold water paradises has no shortage of swell, but the weather is often so bad you can’t actually go in the water. This is where Yakutat has a big advantage with a perfect left-hander tucked in the shelter of the bay behind the peninsula.

With a spectacular backdrop across the bay backed by huge peaks, Grizzly bears on the beach and the only reliable way in to the area by plane, it’s a full wilderness experience. As consistent cold water surf spots go it’s the place to go for that ultimate backwoods adventure.

Alaska Surfing Video:

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