10 Cold Water Surfing Paradises

Surfing isn't all about basking in the sun - you can do it wherever there's swell, so long as you have a good wetsuit

  Iceland, just the name says it all really, but sitting at the top of the Atlantic, above swell producing storms makes it an obvious place to head to for any surfer. Reykjavik, although not a surf area itself, sits close to all the best spots and it provides the perfect base for any Icelandic exploration.

That is if you don’t mind temperatures cold enough to freeze the sea on the north coast, and the odd iceberg in the lineup on the south. But with modern wetsuit technology, and the awesome natural hot springs to warm up in post surf, things become a little bit easier. The surf conditions may not be perfect that often, but Iceland is an experience you’ll never forget.

Reykjavik Surfing Video:

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