10 Cold Water Surfing Paradises

Surfing isn't all about basking in the sun - you can do it wherever there's swell, so long as you have a good wetsuit

  With a coastline longer than the United States of America, Norway has incredible potential for surf. But with a lot of that coastline in the Arctic Circle, you better be ready for some seriously low temperatures.

The Lofoten Islands, in the far north have become the place to go to but it’s best in the Winter, when days are short and cold, so you’ve got to be ready to jump in and make the most of what surf there is at the drop of a hat.

Even though it is incredibly cold up there the locals are well organised, hot tubs are fired up before any winter surf, which means even in a heavy snow storm you can run out of the surf and jump into the steaming water in your wetsuit and get warm quickly. With roasting hot cabins on site as well, it isn’t quite as bad as you think.

Lofoten Islands Surfing Video:

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