10 Cold Water Surfing Paradises

Surfing isn't all about basking in the sun - you can do it wherever there's swell, so long as you have a good wetsuit

Bundoran in Ireland has long been known for having good waves, but in the last decade it has gone from being another surf destination, to being an absolute Mecca for big wave surfers. With three world class big wave spots all within just 10 miles or so of each other, it has consistently produced some of the most spectacular entries to the Billabong XXL Big Wave awards.

Although it hasn’t won one yet, it’s only a matter of time until some rubber clad charger from the Emerald Isle takes home the big prize. If charging mountains of water isn’t your thing though, Ireland has every other wave you could want to surf, just pack a good wetsuit.

Bundoran Surfing Video:

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