10 Countries With Fast Growing Skate Scenes

These skate scenes may be very small, but they are the ones so watch.

Skateboarding is practically everywhere due to the growth of the commercial skate industry, the internet and the universal appeal of skateboarding’s message of individuality and freedom. It’s evolved from a tiny Californian sub culture to being a recognised and respected mainstream sport all over the world.

The reason skateboarding has flourished in so many places has been has been due to numerous factors; favourable weather and environment, stable social and economical situations, and also good access to skate equipment. All of these are necessary for a skate scene to grow.

We’ve compiled a list of countries who are taking their early steps as a skateboarding nation. It’s exciting for them, every week more and more people pick up a board for the first time, land their first ollie or drops in for the first time.

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