downhill mountain biking world cup pietermaritzburg

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Downhill Mountain Biking World Cup 2014: Pietermaritzburg Women’s Top Times Breakdown

To-scale graphic breakdown showing how close the women's top times were

downhill mountain biking world cup pietermaritzburg

This scale graphic shows how the women’s field was spaced in the first leg of the Downhill World Cup in Pietermaritzburg on Saturday.

There was nearly 10 seconds between Manon Carpenter in 1st and Emmeline Ragot in 5th, and a good distance – over three seconds – between Carpenter and her nearest rival Rachel Atherton. 

Also, look how close Myriam Nicole and Emmeline are in 4th and 5th! Because of the scale of this graphic we actually had to move Ragot a few millimetres back so Nicole was visible – if we hadn’t they’d be so close they’d be on top of each other!

You can check out the equivalent graphic for the men’s race here, read our full report or watch the video highlights.

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