Exploring The Uncharted Waves Of The British Isles With Oli Adams and Micah Lester

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We tend to think that everywhere has been discovered, that there are no “secret” surf breaks left to find in the UK. British pro surfers Oli Adams and Micah Lester set out to prove this just isn’t true.

One of the best things about the British Isles is how much coastline we’ve got to explore. Nearly 20,000 miles to be precise. It just goes to show that you don’t have to visit the popular breaks everyone knows about already.

When it comes to uncharted spots, it takes hours of chart watching to predict when the swell is going to be good. Either that or drive hundreds of miles and hope for the best. In Oli and Micah’s case, they commandeered a Jeep, trawled Scotland’s empty breaks – and lucked out.

You can check out a snippet of their adventures in the video above… Watch this space for the full edit coming out this Friday!

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