Hair Barrels: Surfers Getting Barrelled In Celebrities’ Hair!

You'll never look at hair in the same way again

This has got to be the best Tumblr we’ve found in a long while. Hair Barrels takes pictures of famous people and includes little cut-out images of surfers riding barrels in their hair.

From Quentin Tearin-Tubes Bro to Wavy Gaga and Bob Gnarly, some of these are just inspired… Catch the blog here and follow Hair Barrel people on Instagram (@hairbarrels).

Monyca, Malia, Alana and Dolphin Party wavin’ with Wavy Gaga


Hurricane Sandy Cohen Is Rollin’ In…


Mrs Doubt-Firing


Donald Trump with Wind Swell


Mysto Break Megan Fox


Catherine O’Hare-Barrelled


Bob Gnarly


The Dude Abides


Quentin Tearin’-Tubes, Bro


Parting the Shred Sea


Kristen Bells Beach


Liam Sea-son


Getting pretty pitted in Pink


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