How to Blow £5,000 in 24 hours at 8,000ft

One day in Vail, Colorado

For the Heli of it

No trip to Vail is complete with a spot of heli-skiing, or so we hear. Luckily there are number of options on offer to quench your backcountry thirst. As well as some world-class skiing you will also get to take in the incredible scenery that Colorado has to offer.

Telluride Helitrax will arrange a private fixed-wing charter from Vail, where you can enjoy a 40 minute scenic flight to Telluride. Once in Telluride, you’ll board a helicopter for a full day of heli-skiing in the 200 square miles surrounding Telluride, in the San Juan Mountains. And best of all? You shall be back in the resort in time for a quick après drink, a dip in the pool and some fine dining to boot. Prices start at £980.

Time 9am till 6pm. Spent £1990

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