In Numbers: Shaun White

– As a baby, Shaun White underwent two open-heart operations that were needed to fix a congenital heart defect called the Tetraology of Fallot.

– White has dominated the Winter X-Games Superpipe contest for the past six years and in 2013 he completed the ‘sixpeat’.

– The first company to take an interest in White was mega-snowboarders, Burton, who signed him up when he was just 7.

9 – Having starred in movies and TV shows before, White has started a career as a movie producer with Disney snowboarding flick Cloud 9.

10 – White also holds the record for the most Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly (ESPY) awards, winning his tenth in 2012.

17 – Not content with dominating snowboarding, White turned professional in skateboarding at 17 under the wing of Tony Hawk.

19 – White has been Olympic Halfpipe champion at two successive games, he won his first gold aged 19 in Turin in 2006.

23 – White holds the record for the most X-Games medals won across the winter and summer games. 15 of his 23 medals are gold.

24 – White holds the record for the highest air in a Halfpipe, hitting 24ft with his first hit in the 2013 X-Games.

100 – White achieved perfection in 2012 when he laid down a perfect run in the Superpipe final.

1440 – In late December, White became the first person to nail the Double Cork 1440 in his private half-pipe in Australia.

9,000,000 – White is snowboarding’s most financially successful son. Forbes estimate that he made $9m in 2008 alone.

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