Going For Gold: 6 Inspirational Sochi Stories

Could you go from unfit hopeful to Olympic athlete in a year? Here are six inspirational stories behind the Sochi Olympics.

Despite being an early starter at three years old, it wasn’t until 2006 when Tom Wallisch realised his potential. He entered and won Level 1’s annual ‘Superunknown’ competition, which is open to anyone and everyone to send in their own video edits to be judged. He was promptly hailed as a talent, something which went on to send his filming and competition career spiralling.

‘These people think I deserve to be a pro skier. I guess I could try that. I might have to try a little harder at this.

Taking the bull by the horns, Tom subsequently moved to Utah to concentrate more on his skiing. Obvioulsy this is a move that seriously paid off as at the X Games in Aspen last year Tom took home the prestigious Slopestyle gold. His luck kept on rolling when a few months later it was announced that slopestyle had been invited for the first time ever into the Winter Olympics.

So far it’s all been falling nicely into place for Tom, so we’re looking forward to see how he fares in Sochi.

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