Is this the Sketchiest Couloir Ever Skied?

Two intrepid Frenchmen tackling the Chorum Olympique

This may just be the dodgiest couloir we’ve seen ridden. The Chorum Olympique is one of the craziest rock formations in the Alps and a real climbing challenge – let along tackling it on skis.


These two intrepid French mountaineers from Humeurs Aériennes have recorded their ascent and more impressive descent for all to see and we must admit we’re impressed. Chorum means abyss in English and it’s easy to see why – there’s not much light at the end of this particular tunnel.

The formation is located on the Grand Ferrand in the Devoluy range of France and is covered in incredible caves and tunnels – most of which are unreachable or un-skiable come Winter.

For more from these daring Frenchmen check out their site.

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