Jet Powered Snowboarder Breaks Two World Records in One Day!

British Olympic hopeful breaks two speed records in one afternoon

jamie barrows jet engines
Jet engines and snowboarding, an unbeatable combination. Photo: Twitter

A British snowboarder from Bath, UK broke two world records in a single day after hitting incredible new speeds on his board. Jamie Barrows added the record for the highest speed by a snowboarder powered by a jet engine as well as the highest speed of a snowboarder towed by a car to his growing collection of world records.

Barrows found the time to set these records after his winter schedule cleared after he missed out on going to the Winter Olympics. He had been planning to the indulge his love for speed by taking part in the Boardercross event in Sochi but was struck down by back injury.

jamie barrows car
Not content with his first record, Barrows came back for more. Photo: Twitter

Rather than sit at home and feel sorry for himself Jamie headed to St. Morirtz with a specially designed jet engine in order to set some records. Out on the piste Barrow managed to hit 80.63kmph with the twin engine, a new world record – “I’m really happy with how it went; we were aiming to it 80kmph with the jet pack so it was great to achieve that.”

Not content with the one record, Barrows went for a second while he was waiting for the jet engines batteries to recharge. Using a local’s Mitsubishi Evo, the 21 year old englishman hit 111.8kmph on his first attempt – another record.

This isn’t Jamie Barrows entry with the Guiness World Records, he’s currently Britain’s fastest ever snowboarder after he managed 151.6kmph in April, 2013.

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