Life Just Got a Bit Simpler on Mpora

As soon as Dropbox announced the release of the ‘Dropbox Chooser’ our team of tech lovers transformed into a haze of activity and set about to deliver something that will make your life a little bit simpler. What is this cool new feature I hear you cry? Well in a nutshell it’s just made getting your edits out into the action sports world a whole lot easier.

Here at Mpora HQ we understand the efforts that you go through to get your content online. You’ve hooned around nailing your best tricks, before painstakingly combing through hours of footage to piece together a video masterpiece, so we get that what follows needs to be kept as simple as possible. Well thanks to this handy new feature it’s good news for all you Dropbox users.

As a result of its recent integration into Mpora, next time you go to upload a video you can now simply select video files straight from your Dropbox folder. All in all it means Dropbox users won’t have to download onto a local hard disk before uploading, you’ll always have the latest version on hand and you can access and upload your content anywhere on the fly!

Sounds good right? Well here’s how to get rolling with it…

The diagram above pretty much shows all you need to know, but if you want it spelling out for you here it goes. If you’re a dropbox user, next time you go to upload a new video on Mpora instead of selecting ‘Choose’ hit ‘Choose from Dropbox’, which will then take you through to your Dropbox folder where you can select the file of your choice. Yes, it really is as simple as that!

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