Travis Pastrana Returns To Competitive Moto Racing... And Completely Steals The Show

You can take the man out of Nitro Circus, but you can't take the Nitro Circus out of the man...

macaskill moto

Has Danny MacAskill Ditched His Trials Ride For A Motorcycle?

Our friend's electric: Here's Danny MacAskill killing it, but not like you've ever seen before...


This Crazy Moto Rider Is Attempting To Backflip Over A Moving Plane

... and it's his first ever proper stunt!

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 10.29.57

'Travis Pastrana Has Lost His Mind' – How Many World’s Firsts Will Be Hit From This Giant Take Off?

The Biggest Bike Ramp In Pastranaland History... And Travis Made Sure It Was Built Even Bigger

Crazy Polish motorcross video

MX Rider Gets Attacked by a Crazy Old Man with One Arm. But That’s Not Even The Funniest Thing About This Video…

No wonder this video has had over a million views


'I'm Just Winging It' - Travis Pastrana To Return To Racing Motocross After Four Years Away

Everyone's favourite athlete is set to ride Red Bull Straight Rhythm on October 4...

moto superman

Superman Crashes To Earth As Moto Trick Goes Horribly Wrong

Not even Clark Kent could stop this from happening...


Crossbows, Tomahawks, Harpoons And Saws - The Perfect Ride For The Zombie Apocalypse

This insane survival bike could keep you alive when the world is ending...

Floating Motocross Course

These Guys Built a Floating Dirt Jump Course in Munich

Woah, this is cool!

ronnie renner gopro caineville utah

Watch This Pro Moto Rider Attempt A 210ft Jump In The Utah Desert!

You can't go wrong with motocross legends Mike Mason and Ronnie Renner in the driver's seat

what not to do dirt bike

First Timer On A Dirt Bike Gets It Very Wrong

Ouch! That's gotta hurt...

Fuuuuuck. Pro Moto rider Jake Weimer did not take this crash lightly.... Photo: @jakeweimer12

Remember This Moto Rider's Bruised Butt? The Headcam Footage Of The Crash Is Out - And It's Brutal!

Ouch! That's gonna hurt in the morning...

Brad O'Neal Moto

Watch This Pro Attempt To BASE Jump FROM His Dirt Bike!

You've got to have a screw loose to want to do something this crazy...


Man Steals a Motorbike At Gunpoint, But What Happens Next is Crazy!

What the f*ck? This is crazy!


Travis Pastrana Practises Flips Side-by-Side With His Wife!

It's a family affair...


9 Countries You'd Never Guess Would Have a Great Motocross Scene

Turns out dirt bikes aren’t just for SoCal bros and mullet-sporting Belgians

Weird Helmets

15 Motorbike Bike Helmets That Will Make You Look Like A Bit of A Dick

Boob-shaped bucket hat to a Predator lookalike mask, these are the worst helmets in the history of the world

Hover Bike

Hover Bikes Are a Reality, And You'll Be Able To Buy One Soon

It's like those speeder bikes out of Star Wars, but real!

Tom Pages FMX Bike Flip

Is This The Craziest FMX Trick Ever Attempted?

Tom Pages tries to land the first ever FMX Bike Flip!

Nitro Circus Four person backflip

Say What? Four Dudes Backflipping One Motocross Bike?

Complete insanity from the Nitro Circus crew

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