Mpora Gear: The Grand opening…

The most important thing to us lot working on Mpora is you guys. We need to make sure that you’re watching the best videos and enjoying them with at least 90% enjoyment. But we realised that there’s plenty of you out there that enjoy a good ride/shred/skate/surf or anything in between but might not be getting the best deal for it. So, taking all of that into account, we decided to build Mpora Gear.

Wondering what Mpora Gear is? Wonder no more! Mpora Gear is our new site that enables you guys to find, compare and share tens of thousands of action sports products. The website includes advanced user reviewing capabilities and the functionality to compare, and buy directly from, some of the world’s best online retailers! So, in short, we’ll put up thousands upon thousands of products which you’ll be able to review if you wish and we’ll deliver you the best price for the product.
First sports up on the site will be MTB and Road Cycling but the winter sports loot will follow shortly after it in 2011.

If you’re thinking that this sounds pretty sweet already then you might be interested in this next bit of news I’m about to tell you. You could become an Mpora Expert! I might need to explain this a little bit but it’s a pretty nice gig. If you apply you could join our team (which is already in its hundreds) of Mpora Experts to review, test and discuss the latest products on the market. Once you’re part of the team we’ll send out a welcome pack with some freebies inside AND we’ll send you out some free gear to keep you riding throughout the year. Interested – join up here.

So, that’s pretty much it. Best gear, cheapest prices, find out what they’re like before you buy and there’s a chance you could be testing the new stuff. If you want to keep ahead of the crowd on this then sign up to the Mpora Gear newsletter and you’ll receive all the latest news on the launch, exclusive offers, latest product news, latest tech advice, how-to guides, product videos and a whole lot more!

We’re quite excited about this at Mpora HQ so get ready for something VERY special!

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