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This Phantom Flex Edit Shows That Everything Looks Better In Slow Motion

This 4K skate and MTX edit is so sick we tried to climb inside our computer screens…

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Man Sues Red Bull 'For Not Giving Him Wings'... And Earns $13 Million Settlement

The energy drink giant denies any wrongdoing, saying they simply settled to 'avoid distraction'

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You Have The Right to Remain Steezy: You Won't Believe What Iceland's Police Get Up To...

Mum's gone to Iceland, and found the raddest cops in the world!

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Don't Think Tiny Plastic Men Riding MTBs Is That Crazy? This Stop Motion Video Is Amazing

Tiny whips and micro flips - bet you've never seen MTB riding quite like this before...

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The Rise Of Superman: The Secret Formula Behind The Biggest Action Sports Feats Ever

Athletes have achieved more jaw-dropping stunts in the past thirty years than ever before. How have they done it?

snow mobile jump
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Look What Happened When This Crazy Dude Tried To Jump Over A Road. On A Snow Mobile. From A Lake...

He's not the messiah, he's a water cross rider in a fat suit

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Selfies Just Got Even Crazier With This Watch That Turns Into A Drone

This wearable drone cam could change your edits forever?

Thomas Genon front flipping in Brandon Semenuk's film Rad Company. You can watch it at this year's European Outdoor Film Tour. Photo:
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Win Tickets To The European Outdoor Film Tour 2014

We've got 44 tickets to give away in total!

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Three Ways To Screw Up Golf – All You Need Is A Snowboard And A Moto Bike...

Pro snowboarder grips his shaft and whacks his balls about

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What Do You Get When You Cross A Snowboard And A Bike?...

The snowboard bike has been invented. We're just not sure why

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Pulling A Wheelie While Bench Pressing A 90lb Barbell? These Are The 10 Most Insane Wheelies Ever

They may have banned wheelies in the UK and USA, but that hasn't stopped these guys...

Photo: ESPN
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Second-Class Waves And Sleazy Ads: Why Women Are Still Fighting For Equality In Action Sports

Even in the 21st century, women are still chronically underexposed in the worlds of skating and surfing. We investigate why...

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Could You Do A Double Backflip In A Wheelchair? Aaron Fotheringham Can...

'It's just wheels stuck to my butt, how can that not be fun...?'

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Will These Battery-Powered Goggles Revolutionise Skiing?

Hours spent demisting on the mountain could be behind you

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There Are Hundreds Of Stupid Ways To Die, But These Have Got To Be Some Of The Silliest

These stories are unbelievable but true: All of these ill-fated idiots deserve their Darwin Awards.

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Want To Get Paid For Your Action Sports Edits? Google Are Planning to Make It Easier...

This new Google scheme will pay filmers for their YouTube videos

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19 Signs You're Totally Obsessed With Your GoPro

It's your lifelong goal to make Video of the Day

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These Astonishing Photos Show Sochi Six Months On From The Olympics – And It's A Ghost Town...

*cue tumbleweed blowing in the wind*

Neal Unger
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The 80 Year Old Who Conquered Everest. Age Is Just A Number To These Four Inspirational Action Sports Heroes

'I want to see how young I can get...'

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11 Ridiculously Cute Kids That Rip At Action Sports

What do you mean you haven't seen these videos?!

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