Mustang Wanted Dead?? When April Fools Goes too Far!

Given the danger of Urban Adventuring no one knew what to believe

April Fools – the day where basically every company online going is trying to dupe its users into thinking something that’s not true.

But legendary Extreme Urban Adventurer Mustang Wanted, famous for climbing tall buildings with little regard for safety equipment and his mother’s sanity, took things a little far by announcing that he was… well… dead.



The announcement came about mid-afternoon via his Facebook page. His 106k Facebook followers seemed a little bit miffed. I for one felt a little like when Aussie crocodile hunter Steve Irwin was killed by a Stingray – slightly saddened, although not wholly surprised.

Urban Adventuring is possibly the most dangerous thing I can think of. Basically you climb up ludicrously tall buildings and do death defying stunts like hang off them with no safety harness. Mustang’s death seemed really quite feasible. Also – who would joke about their own death like that?

It then turned out about six hours later via fellow Urban nutter James Kingston that Mustang was indeed not dead:



And then Mustang appeared alive and well early this morning:



Some people were pretty angry about the whole thing, claiming ‘he’s lost loads of fans’ etc. To be fair, it seemed like he did quite well out of it. Certainly got people talking.

All’s well that ends well though – right? You can check out Mustang Wanted, completely alive, on his Facebook page.

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