New Mpora Player!

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’ve been working behind the scenes of Mpora for some time now and it’s about time we showed the world what we’ve been tinkering on. We had to pass up the opportunity to work on the iPhone 5 and to help out Richard Branson with his commercial space thingy but we reckon it was worth it. There were a few weeks spent planning so we could make sure that this player delivers on all fronts. But what is the new Mpora and what perks are there?!
Yes, yes, I hear you people, so let me explain.

Let’s start with the most important thing – the player.

Above is a picture of the new player and you may have noticed it’s slightly different to the old one. It looks a lot better (that might be a personal opinion though)! As you can tell, I’ve added some cool presentation arrows so I’ll start at ‘Like’ and work clockwise for you…

Like – Head over to this button and you’ll be able to show your mates on Facebook that you like it or Twitter. Whatever floats your social media boat.
Embed – For all you embedding nutters out there, you can embed our videos. Click on this button and you’ll get a standard embed code OR, for those of you who are adventurous, you can change the dimensions of the player to fit your site!
Fullscreen – I’m sure you’ve understood this already but if you hit this button, the video will go into fullscreen mode.
Timeline – We’ve changed up our timeline slightly so it looks a bit smarter. It might look like it takes up a bit of the screen in that photo but when the video is playing and your mouse isn’t moving, it’ll minimise.
Sound – Well this is where you control the sound! Slide it from left to right and the sound will go up and down. Couldn’t be simpler. Click this button to mute the sound if you hate noise.
Play/Pause – Either hit play to play it or pause to pause it. It’s a never ending party!
3 Second Rewind – We’ve let the button return to our player! We used to have a 5 second rewind but we’ve opted for 3 second rewind on our new player so you can watch that trick you like over and over.
SloMo – This works amazingly with the 2 second rewind. Hit slomo and everything slows down so you can see exactly how they did that trick.
HD Button – If the video is in HD, you’ll have option to watch it in HD. Just hit the HD button and we’ll do the rest.

For you special lot out there that use Google Chrome or Safari as your web browser then there is a screenshot option. When you hit pause on a video there will be another icon that appears above the HD button. This is a screenshot button! Hit this and it’ll get rid of every button within the player so you can take a screenshot. You can move forwards and backwards through the frames using the arrows on your keyboard to get the right shot and then screenshot away!
If you’re a Firefox user or an Internet Explorer user then you won’t see this feature. Sorry!

So what else is new? Well, we’ve tidied up the site, made everything a bit easier on the eyes, changed the colour, used new fonts… the usual stuff. This time though, we reckon, it looks pretty f*cking good. You may notice the layout of the videos and photos are a bit different but I don’t want to give everything away! Here’s a hint though, one thing I haven’t spoken about is related videos which shows up at the end of a video. Give that a try, we’ve changed that too!

If you get into any problems or you don’t like something, or anything like that, then let us know! We’d love some feedback!

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