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New World Record: Skydiving With World’s Smallest Parachute

Ernesto Gainza jumps from 13,000ft with just 35 square foot parachute to rely on!

There’s not many people who would throw themselves out of a plane at 13,000ft – with only the world’s smallest parachute to rely on.

Last week, that’s exactly what Ernesto Gainza did last week in the Palm Drop Zone, Dubai.

The 35-year-old Venezuelan broke the world record for skydiving with the smallest parachute ever recorded, measuring just 35 square feet (that’s smaller than a Mini Cooper!)

Ordinary parachutes measure from 80 to 200 sq. ft down 70 sq. ft high performance, so this handkerchief is half the size!

Ernesto is a professional stunt man and test pilot for NZ Aerosports with more than 7,000 skydives clocked up, according to Yahoo! News. Check out the video above.

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