6 Reasons Why Nicaragua is a Must Go Surf Destination

Great beaches, great weather, low prices

San Juan del Sur, the surrounding beaches and Omotepe offers an adult’s adventure park within very close proximity, but if you head further north Nicaragua has plenty of other activities.


You might want to miss the messy capital city of Managua, but exploring the cafes and churches of nearby colonial Grenada is a pleasant couple of days.

Leon and the Vulcan Cerro Negro

Much can also be said of the Northern city of Leon – but the highlight for the action sports enthusiast is to go volcano boarding. You can head up 500 metres of Vulcan Cerro Negro, put on a jumpsuit, then speed down volcanic ash on tabogan – reaching speeds of up to 80km/h.

A Mountain Bike Speed Record at Vulcan Cerro Negro:

The Corn Islands

If you also want to explore the Carribean side of Nicaragua, it’s possible to take a flight to the Corn Islands for less than $200. It’s a calm and tranquil place, with abundant diving and where lobster is served as if it’s a commodity.

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