20 Unforgettable Action Sports Heroes Of 2013

From Carlos Burle, to Danny MacAskill to Diana Nyad. We recognise our inspirations from the last year.

One of the things we love about action sports is the importance placed on having fun with like-minded people who are passionate about their sport. Over the past few years however, we have seen more and more video produced with an emphasis on marketing targets set by brands. That is until Garrett Reynolds and the Deadline crew dragged it back to basics and produced one of our favourite videos of the year.

As well as offering amazing riders pulling off rad tricks it is the overall vibe of the film that make it so special. There is no grand master plan behind it, it seems that the lads decided to just go and have fun doing what they love with a camera in tow. And you can tell when you watch the final product – there is awesome sounds to accompany riding at its best. It’s that simplicity and sheer passion and love for the sport that Reynolds brings to BMX that we feel earns him a place on this list.

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