20 Unforgettable Action Sports Heroes Of 2013

From Carlos Burle, to Danny MacAskill to Diana Nyad. We recognise our inspirations from the last year.

In a sport that has become increasingly about how its competitors look rather than how they compete, Carissa Moore has started to set the record straight. Some of her contemporaries seem to resemble models who occasionally surf rather than vice versa but Moore has shown that grit, determination and heavenly ability are the real keys to surfing success.

She won her second World Championship this year and is proving that the girls are just as good as the guys when it comes to nailing barrels – don’t just take my word for it though, this is what surf legend Kelly Slater had to say about her: “She’s the best in the world right now. And what’s scary is, she just keeps improving.”

She’s an inspiration to girl groms everywhere and long may her success continue.

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