20 Unforgettable Action Sports Heroes Of 2013

From Carlos Burle, to Danny MacAskill to Diana Nyad. We recognise our inspirations from the last year.

Who else can boast about having a mega ramp like this in their backyard? None other than skate legend Bob Burnquist. After making history in 2010 for landing the first ever 900 on a mega ramp, last year in his webisode series “Dreamland”, we saw him take skateboarding to a completely new level. Literally. His personal mega ramp is around 75 feet tall.

In the series, he added a new feature to his gigantic mega ramp, a 15-foot hip gap into a 25-foot vert ramp. But he didn’t stop here. To finish off why Burnquist makes the cut, he only went and launched himself off a helicopter! A helicopter! He really is the definition of mega ramp skateboarding.

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