20 Unforgettable Action Sports Heroes Of 2013

From Carlos Burle, to Danny MacAskill to Diana Nyad. We recognise our inspirations from the last year.

Action sports is increasingly becoming a young man’s game, if you’re over 15 and haven’t stomped a triple cork you’re done. No one mention that to Seth Morrison. Following a hell of a year in 2013 he won Powder Mag’s Reader’s Poll at the tender age of 40 – some would take that as a hint to hang up the boots but Seth is showing few signs of slowing down.

Morrison has been with his main sponsor, K2, for longer than some up and coming pros have been alive. The huge backflips and cliff drops that have made his name are just getting better with age. His part in Poor Boyz Tracing Skylines showed that he’s still the go-to guy for progressive freeskiing. Skiing will be a poorer place without him if he ever retires.

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